I’m the Colossal Marketing and Promotion Failure

So, I’m giving a workshop this weekend on marketing and promotion. Not on what works but what hasn’t worked for me. Like in colossal failures – colossal being defined as spending money and/or investing time and energy with very little or no return. When I initially got the idea for this workshop, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fill a full 55 minutes. Then, I started composing my list on marketing and promotion failures and made a terrible, unsettling discovery. Everything I’ve ever tried hasn’t paid off. Like in, everything! I have to ask, what am doing wrong? Am I a glutton for punishment who loves throwing money away? Do I stink at marketing and promotion? [...]

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Surviving After the Publishing Axe Falls

In the sixteen years I’ve been traditionally published, I’ve seen plenty of lines close and publishers shut their doors. It’s a sad, unfortunate part of the business. Lucky for me, I was never directly affected by these closures or shutting doors. And while I sympathized with and supported author friends who were suddenly “orphaned”, I also secretly breathed a tiny sigh of relief that I’d been spared. This past May of 2017, however, my luck ran out when Harlequin closed five lines. For three of those lines, including mine (Western), we had absolutely no warning and received the brutal news via a mass, impersonal email. In all fairness to the editors, they had only a brief warning themselves, a [...]

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Happy holidays To All

No, this post isn't about books, but I am telling a story :) Someone recently asked me about my favorite childhood Christmas memory. Though I have lots to choose from, one year does stand out more than the rest (warning - yes, it's heartwarming) My parents used to tell my brother John and me that under no circumstances were we to come downstairs after they put us to bed on Christmas Eve because if Santa saw us, all our presents would turn to coal. At five-years-old, I believed this wholeheartedly. Nonetheless, when I woke up in the middle of the night, I quietly crept down the stairs to the living room. My mom had a hand painted platter that [...]

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A Story Is Only As Good As The Telling

How often have we heard people say something along the lines of, a good story is more important than good writing? Many times, right? I was a believer, too, until lately. I can’t explain why but more and more I’m reading books that are riddled with lazy writing to the point where any evidence of interesting story or compelling characters is completely obliterated. I find myself stopping every other page (or pausing every few minutes when I’m listening to an audio book) to groan or cringe. I know what you’re saying, it’s difficult for writers to turn off their internal editor when they’re reading. And you’d be right. I’m constantly thinking of how I could rewrite that line or [...]

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Tah Dah! Launching “Running Wild With Books”

Welcome! It's been a long time since I've written a regular blog, and I'm excited to be launching "Running Wild With Books". You know, a lot of thought goes into what to name a blog. It did for me, anyway. I admit to being stumped for weeks. Of course, I wanted the name to be catchy in order that people can easily remember it. Also, a reflection of my goal --- or more accurately, what the blog is all about and my purpose for writing it. Lastly, I didn't want the name to be restrictive so that we can cover a wide variety of different topics here. Yes, I sort of, kind of, stole the idea from Running Wild [...]

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