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Welcome to my little corner of the world where the handsome cowboy heartthrob meets the smart, spunky gal he’s been waiting for all along — even if neither of them knows it right away!

I love writing stories set in the west and featuring small towns, wide open spaces, ranches, rodeos, and the cowboy way of life. Add in a big dose of family drama, maybe an edge-of-your-seat-suspense with riveting action, a wedding, a cattle drive, a therapy horse, or a really cute baby, and you have my favorite kind of sweet, feel-good romance. Oh, and don’t forget the happily-ever-after ending. That’s a definite must, along with the occasional holiday story.

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P.S. Second Chances at Love – a collection of short love stories – is now available for free.

SHORT, SWEET, AND STRAIGHT TO THE HEART…three charming and fun mini-stories bundled together for one enjoyable read.

A Double Date of Sorts:

Roe is chauffeuring her teenaged son and his date to the school dance. The girl’s dad insists on meeting Roe and her son first – which sends her son into a panic. Mike is a deputy sheriff and tough as nails. More than one young suitor has dissolved under his intense stare. Except that same stare captivates Roe. Good grief. What would her son say if he knew? 

Love Notes:

Sabrina reluctantly agrees to a coffee meet up with a guy she met through a dating app. When Daniel arrives, she’s stunned to learn he’s really “Danny” — the first boy she ever kissed and the one who sent her love notes in 7th grade math class. But the same obstacle they faced back then could also hamper any potential relationship today.

The Less Serious Aspects of Driving:

Casey’s marriage is in serious trouble and starting to circle the drain. She never expects that a driving lesson with her recalcitrant teenaged son will stir cherished memories of Rocky, her high school crush and first love, and show her what truly matters in life and marriage.

Second Chances of Love