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I enjoy speaking to writers’ groups and book clubs. Below is a short listing of workshops I’ve given in the recent past. Feel free to contact me at: for more information or for a complete listing of workshops.


Don’t have a large promotion budget for your books? No worries. There are plenty of no cost or low cost options. This “guided discussion” is highly interactive and structured for sharing of ideas.

Ten Turning Points Are All You Need for a Basic Romance Book Outline

Story telling is fun, right? That’s why we love being writers. But plotting can be hard. It’s a whole lot more fun to just sit down at the keyboard, start typing, and let the ideas flow. But what happens when you reach chapter four and hit a brick wall because, well, the book just isn’t working? Or when you receive comments back on your book from editors or beta readers that suggest huge structural changes like opening the book in an entirely different place, cutting the sagging middle, or that your ending is rushed. A little advance plotting can save you from wasting pages of prose and hours of efforts. Look at it this way, would you leave on a trip without packing clothes, putting your mail on hold, and arranging for a pet sitter? No, so don’t start writing without at least a very simple outline in place that provides the basic skeleton for your book.

Essentials for Writers Who Hate (or Love) to Plot

The idea of writing thousands of words in a day can be daunting for most of us, especially if you’re not a plotter by nature. But it doesn’t have to be scary. With a little sensible advance preparation and a willingness to try something new (i.e. form new writing habits), you can greatly increase your productivity. Yes, a little plotting is involved. Don’t be scared. Emoji


Ultimately, we want our readers to sigh with contentment as they turn the pages. How to accomplish that? The answer is one word: romance. Heart fluttering, breath quickening, insides stirring romance. Regardless of what genre you write, learn how using the five H’s — Here, Hand, Heart, Head and Hero Inspiration — will successfully infuse romance into your writing and give your readers a wonderfully satisfying read (audience is encouraged to bring samples to share)

MARKETING IS NOT FOR SISSIES – How I’ve Failed to Grow My Readership with Costly and Even Free Promotions

There are many things authors can do in an attempt to increase sales. Some of them aren’t cheap. Most require an investment of time. Cathy McDavid will share the various strategies she’s tried and her lackluster results (all with the hope of learning and improving and making better choices).

MY BIG FAT HARLEQUIN SERIES CAREER – Eighteen Years from Obscurity to Lead Harlequin Author

There are defining moments in every author’s career, sometimes several defining moments. Sharing those can be an inspiration to other authors. In this it’s-all-about-me talk, I discuss my writing journey, the pitfalls, the setbacks, the hardships, the challenges, the milestones and, finally, the successes.

THE LONG AND THE SHORT OF IT – the advantages of writing different length stories.

There are more reasons to write different length stories than simply offering a free novella to your readers. This interactive workshop with lots of audience participation explores all those reasons and more.