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Her Heart's Treasure

Her Heart’s Desire

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Mercy Bidwell inherited two things from her late father: a journal detailing his quest for the fabled Silver Angel Mine, and his spirit of adventure. She plans on utilizing both those bequests to find the mine, thus proving to the world that her father, and his devotion to the mythical mine, wasn’t crazy. She also hopes to obtain enough wealth so she can leave the dreary mining community of Paradise behind forever.


There are, however, a few small problems standing in her way. For starters, Mercy has no equipment-and no prospecting experience. Her uncle, superintendent of the Paradise Mine, is determined to keep Mercy safe. To this end, he hires Edward Cartier, a foreman for the mine and the most difficult man Mercy has ever met, to safeguard her on her expedition into the mountains.

While Edward is focused on the job that he is being paid to do, Mercy’s faith and determination are infectious; soon he is as committed to finding the mine as Mercy. But neither Mercy nor Edward anticipate that the excitement and danger of their quest will lead to love–a love that will too soon be tested.

What I Wish I'd Known: For Writers

What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers

As an aspiring or seasoned writer, do you feel like you aren’t making headway, stumbling on what to write next, or wondering if you’re even on the right path? Are you unable to find the motivation to charge up your computer and put your fingers on the keyboard after that last rejection?

Between the pages of What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers, 100 highly accomplished authors share their time, energy, and knowledge to pay it forward and inspire other writers, experienced or aspiring. They reveal what they would have wanted their younger self to know: what words of caution, encouragement, and inspiration they could have used before starting their writing careers.

I’m sure you would have wished someone had given you certain advice. Within What I Wish I’d Known: For Writers, you will find a myriad of information on craft, the writing industry, time management, conflict with family and friends, what to avoid on your writing journey, the business aspect of pushing forward in your career, and more.

Discover what these talented authors have to say:

S.M. Anderson, Jennifer Ashley, Steven Barnes, Jeremy Bates, Louise Bay, D.V. Berkom, Hunter Blain, Marci Bolden, Rhys Bowen, Sarah Elizabeth Bromke, Benedict Brown, Rachelle Burk, V.M. Burns, Lynn Cahoon, Ginjer L Clarke, Nancy Coco, Michael Cordell, Charly Cox, B. J. Daniels, Vincent B. Davis II, Ernest Dempsey, Delaney Diamond, Helena Dixon, Angus Donald, Lorna Dounaeva, Kerrie Droban, Jacqueline Druga, Donna Everhart, Chris Fabry, Erin Flanagan, Matt Forbeck, Stacy Green, Ross Greenwood, Lisa Harris, Paul Heatley, Rita Herron, Kate Hewitt, Kelly Hodge, Dwight Holing, Griff Hosker, Daniel Hurst, Pamela Fagan Hutchins, Rick Jones, Diane Kelly, Meera Kothand, Justin Leslie, Julie Anne Lindsey/Bree Baker, Kristen Luciani, S. E. Lynes, JB Lynn, Michelle Major, Phillip Margolin, T. B. Markinson, Angela Marsons, Tina Martin, M.D. Massey, Cheyenne McCray, Cathy McDavid, Rhonda McKnight, Bruno Miller, J.J. Miller, Christopher Mitchell, Kiersten Modglin, D.J. Molles, Mary Monroe, Lynn Morrison, Lisa Morton, Barbara Nickless, Nazri Noor, Peter O’Mahoney, Dan Padovan, Phaedra Patrick, Elizabeth Penney, Carly Phillips, Lisa Regan, David Ricciardi, Arianne Richmonde, Matthew Rief, Miranda Rijks, Dahlia Rose, Jenifer Ruff, Sofie Ryan, Sharon Sala, Pat Simmons, Joanna Campbell Slan, Miranda Smith, Jeff Strand, Jacquelin Thomas, Bill Thompson, Eric Thomson, H.D. Thomson, Michael J. Tougias, G.G. Vandagriff, Tim Waggoner, Dan Walsh, Rochelle B. Weinstein, Sherri Winston, D.L. Wood, Melinda Woodhall, and Pamela Samuels Young.

Love in the Mix

Love in the Mix

Cooking is love made visible – Anonymous

This book was created to share two gifts: food and reading. Without the ability to read, we miss out on magic, on thoughts, on being transported to other times and other places. Without food, we wither and without the written word we are less than we can be.

And so, these wonderful authors offered their recipes and their histories and their love so others can have the ability to share their stories.

Second Chances of Love

Second Chances at Love

SHORT, SWEET, AND STRAIGHT TO THE HEART…three charming and fun mini-stories bundled together for one enjoyable read.

A Double Date of Sorts:

Roe is chauffeuring her teenaged son and his date to the school dance. The girl’s dad insists on meeting Roe and her son first – which sends her son into a panic. Mike is a deputy sheriff and tough as nails. More than one young suitor has dissolved under his intense stare. Except that same stare captivates Roe. Good grief. What would her son say if he knew? 

Love Notes:

Sabrina reluctantly agrees to a coffee meet up with a guy she met through a dating app. When Daniel arrives, she’s stunned to learn he’s really “Danny” — the first boy she ever kissed and the one who sent her love notes in 7th grade math class. But the same obstacle they faced back then could also hamper any potential relationship today.

The Less Serious Aspects of Driving:

Casey’s marriage is in serious trouble and starting to circle the drain. She never expects that a driving lesson with her recalcitrant teenaged son will stir cherished memories of Rocky, her high school crush and first love, and show her what truly matters in life and marriage.


The Magic of Mistletoe

A Century, Arizona Story

New-in-town Sienna Parks is looking for a fresh start. She recently moved to the cowboy town of Century, Arizona, when her sweet little boy was bullied at his last school because of his big ears. She meets semi-recluse Mitch Lunsford when his runaway horse appears one morning at her gate. Neither of them is looking for love, Mitch is still consumed with guilt over his late wife’s unexpected death in a freak riding accident.

But a determined little boy, an even more determined horse, and a kiss beneath some mistletoe just might change everything for Sienna and Mitch if they can only open their hearts.

The Magic of Mistletoe was previously published in the holiday anthology A Timeless Christmas and is part of the 


Wilde and Reckless

Rodeo Knights

A string of mysterious accidents at the Easy Money Rodeo Arena cast newly hired livestock manager and former addict J.R. Wilde under suspicion. Needing this job to prove he’s back on track, J.R. enlists the help of the Knight Agency when local sheriff’s deputies dismiss the accidents as just that and not intentional. Nurse practitioner and single mother Naomi Whitehorse works for the Easy Money as their on-site emergency medical staff. She herself only recently got her life together after her late husband’s unexpected death.

With a young daughter to raise, the last thing Naomi needs is to involve herself with a former addict who’s facing a lifetime of challenges. But because she believes in J.R.’s innocence, she agrees to help to solve the mystery of the accidents by being eyes and ears — which puts her and J.R. in close proximity as they work together to find the real culprit. Danger lurks around the corner, but is it from the person targeting J.R. or his and Naomi’s impossible to resist attraction?


Christmas in Paradise

The 1916 holiday season doesn’t make everyone in the desert community of Paradise, Arizona happy. Millie Berinhard dreams of an impetuous suitor who will sweep her off her feet with grand gestures. Steady, dependable William Dunlap is nothing like Millie’s ideal man. Or is there more to him than meets the eye?