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 Inspirational Mountain Rescue Suspense Collection

Deadly Secrets cover

Deadly Secrets

Book 4

Coming September 23, 2024

A rookie deputy searching for answers…
Uncovers a town’s sinister secrets

Deputy Elena Tomes finds the small town of Ironwood Creek impossibly quiet. It’s only when rancher Ridge Burnham discovers a gun and a strongbox of cash—possible leads in his dad’s unsolved murder—that Elena learns about the town’s sordid history with drug running. Now this decades-old cold case will expose the rot in a small ranching community…and the secrets that someone will kill for.

Mountain Storm Survival cover

Mountain Storm Survival

Book 3

A brutal storm. Relentless pursuers.
And more than their lives are on the line…

Helping with youth wrangler camp is how Kate Spencer is atoning for her past. But now she and ranch manager Rand Walkins are trapped in the Superstition Mountains with two girls as illegal miners hunt them down. Rand has every reason not to trust Kate, much less forgive her. But working together is the only way they’ll escape from the danger that threatens them all…

Blizzard Refuge

Blizzard Refuge

Book 2

Caught in a snowstorm…

and a killer’s crosshairs!

A blizzard traps federal witness Kiera Driscoll and her seven-month-old daughter in the mountains with little hope of survival. Until Nash Myers shows up. Nash insists on sheltering them and their US marshal escort at his family cabin. Trusting a stranger feels beyond risky, yet Kiera has no choice. She must protect her baby. But as the storm closes in, so do the threats to her life…

Wildfire Threat

Wildfire Threat

Book 1

As flames race toward her ranch, she must rely on an old enemy…

An out-of-control blaze has single mom Rayna Karstetter scrambling to protect her little boy, grandparents and their cattle. Park ranger Aden Whitley offers his help, but Rayna doesn’t want to accept. Her feelings for Aden haven’t gone away…and neither has the sting of his betrayal. But when the wildfire forces an evacuation order, can they work together in order to survive?