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Ozzy’s Corner

Greetings, humans, and welcome to Ozzy’s Corner.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ozzy, and I’m a senior diabetic cat (although I think I look much younger) who serves as muse extraordinaire to Mom — known to you as Cathy McDavid, romance author and best pet paw-rent on Earth. She does all right at this writing stuff but, let’s be honest, she’d be nowhere without me and my daily doses of inspiration, advice, encouragement, and gentle purr-suasion.

Read on for a cat’s eye view into Mom’s world as told by her closest companion. Literally, her closest, as I almost never leave her side.


cat paw prints

I told Mom over and over, but she refuses to listen. I don’t want a big celebration for my birthday this year – which happens to be June 1st. She insists, however. Says this is a milestone birthday for me. Really? Is fifteen a milestone? The truth is, we don’t know the exact date of my birthday. My siblings and I lived on the streets for the first four months of our lives before we were rescued, put into foster care with a nice lady and then, a short time later, adopted by our furever pawents – in my case, Mom.  She picked June 1st as my birthday because she figured that was somewhere around the time I was born and, it was an easy date to remember.

I guess I have no choice and must tolerate all the fussing over me, the extra treats, and the presents. I will say, studying at this picture Mom took of me the other day, I do look pretty good for a fifteen-year-old diabetic cat. Still handsome as ever. That’s what Mom says, anyway.