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Ozzy’s Corner

Greetings, humans, and welcome to Ozzy’s Corner.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ozzy, and I’m a senior diabetic cat (although I think I look much younger) who serves as muse extraordinaire to Mom — known to you as Cathy McDavid, romance author and best pet paw-rent on Earth. She does all right at this writing stuff but, let’s be honest, she’d be nowhere without me and my daily doses of inspiration, advice, encouragement, and gentle purr-suasion.

Read on for a cat’s eye view into Mom’s world as told by her closest companion. Literally, her closest, as I almost never leave her side.


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Ozzy's Corner

Yes, I’m standing in front of Mom’s computer while she’s working on this newsletter, trying my best to interfere. Usually, I’m her muse and take my job seriously, encouraging her to work and giving her inspiration. But she just returned from another trip when she abandoned me and intruder cat in the care of the man’s aunt. I’m torn between being angry at Mom and unable to leave her side for one minute. Because I’m weak, it’s the latter, and, thus, here I am, begging her for another petting. I have no shame.

It could be worse. The dog wasn’t able to stay with my human brother this time and had to go to something called a pet resort. Yeah, resort my left paw. He told me it was like jail. He also humiliated himself by crying like a baby puppy when Mom and the man picked him up. He also hasn’t left her side. We are a sorry lot.

There is one bright spot. April is the dog’s birthday. He’s going to be 13. Mom said we can all have treats when we celebrate in a few days. Finally, the dog is good for something.