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Ozzy’s Corner

Greetings, humans, and welcome to Ozzy’s Corner.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ozzy, and I’m a senior diabetic cat (although I think I look much younger) who serves as muse extraordinaire to Mom — known to you as Cathy McDavid, romance author and best pet paw-rent on Earth. She does all right at this writing stuff but, let’s be honest, she’d be nowhere without me and my daily doses of inspiration, advice, encouragement, and gentle purr-suasion.

Read on for a cat’s eye view into Mom’s world as told by her closest companion. Literally, her closest, as I almost never leave her side.


cat paw prints

So, Mom was playing around the other day (she gets in these moods), and she figured out how to put my face on the face of her smart watch. Get it? My face on the smart watch’s face? That’s a little cat humor for you

She’s also recently spent a lot of time with this new super-duper bird feeder of hers. I don’t care much about the videos and pictures that she’s all the time showing me and the man. What I like is watching the birds from the window. Wow! it’s awesome. We have so many now. Of course, I’m not allowed outside to play with them, which feels a little unfair. I decided to avoid letting her pet me for almost a whole hour the other day in retaliation.

I’m mad at her for other reasons, too. She’s on deadline again. What! Does this never end? She has a new proposal due the 15th and revisions on her last book are due the 8th. For once, the man and I are in agreement. She should be spending her every waking minute paying attention to us. Okay, I might be a little more insistent on this matter than the man. Maybe a lot more. But I’m pretty sure he has my back.